All Saints School donates over 3,400 books to Literacy Network

By Liz Priestle

All Saints School donated over 3,400 books to the Literacy Network of Greater Cincinnati (LNGC). Students and employees at All Saints School took part in a book drive from March 19-March 29, 2019.

Students at All Saints School were encouraged to bring in their gently used children’s books to donate to the Literacy Network. This is the fourth year for the All Saints Book Drive. Collectively All Saints has donated 11,447 books to the Literacy Network for their literacy programs!

The Literacy Network was grateful to have a group of volunteers from United Parcel Service (UPS) assisting with this generous donation. The UPS team joined the Literacy Network to load, transport, and sort this mammoth book donation.

The Literacy Network participates in numerous book drives throughout the year with partners from various schools and companies. They then distribute the books to over 50 Little Free Libraries, Boys & Girls Clubs, local elementary schools and to LNGC volunteers to give to the students they tutor.

Literacy Network President Michelle Otten Guenther stated, “I am deeply grateful to the families, students and staff at All Saints and the incredible team at UPS for their generous support of our mission. Today was a wonderful example of the great things that can happen when our community pulls together.”

About The Literacy Network

The Literacy Network champions the development of literacy in the individual, the family, the workplace, the school and the community by raising awareness, improving access and serving as a catalyst for literacy efforts. The Literacy Network is also the home of Winners Walk Tall, a character building program for youth. All of the programs offered to adults and children are free and funded from private grants, donations and fundraising efforts.

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